The Sukosol Story

The Story of The Siam

The property that The Siam is situated on has been in the Sukosol family since current owner Kamala’s father, Kamol Sukosol, acquired it in 1973.

Kamol was an intrepid entrepreneur and among several other successful businesses, he was the sole distributor of America’s General Electric goods in Thailand and exclusive importer of Japan’s Mazda automobiles to the kingdom.

Always a lover of boats, he used the land as his private pier, taking time to meander along the Chao Praya river, enjoying the fruits of his labors.

Prior to The Siam’s conception, the land had been leased to a local seafood restaurant. When the lease expired in 2005, the family was left to consider the future of their plot of prime riverfront land in the heart of Bangkok’s royal Dusit district.

Kamala asked her youngest son, Krissada, for ideas. Struck by the natural and historic beauty of its prime location, Kriss knew instantly that he would follow in his mother’s legendary hotelier footsteps, yet in quite a different style, reflecting his personal dream.

With the help of his brother’s and sisters’ varied skills and Bill Bensley’s vision and understanding, The Siam has now come into being and we hope that you will enjoy this magical location as much as Kriss does!